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Friday, March 03, 2006

Concerned: A Half-Life Comic: The Interview

So as I get myself settled into my new employment digs I haven't seen a whole lot of 'industry' news around (unless your a Wow machinima fan. I gots some machinima to watch!). Anyways, an interesting read I came across was this article over at Primotech on the Half-Life comic series 'Concerned' (best enjoyed if a Valve/HL2 fan. REAL funny stuff). Id say this style of comic is a close cousin of animated Machinima because much like the influence of games on filmmaking, the game engine is allowing us to cross other boarders and let creative expression become so much more accessible to everyone, and Concerned is an excellent example of this.
When I was a kid and wanted to make a movie, I'd have to get all my friends together, get them to agree to what I wanted to do, borrow a camera from someone, maybe use the editing bay at my high school... it took a lot of coordination between all the different elements I'd need just to get something done, and a lot of relying on other people. With machinima, if someone wants to make a movie, they've got digital actors. They can download editing software. They can make their own soundtrack, record their own dialogue. You can make a movie, by yourself, on your computer, using tools that are often free to download. And that's amazing. It opens doors to have such few limitations on what you can accomplish without having to rely on other people.
Click through and read the interview.


  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger Mu Nansen said…

    btw, 3d, I do hope you're planning on some in-depth posts about your new job. Hopefully more companies will learn the value of a position like yours.


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