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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Findin' Machinima

Along with "Machinima Central" which is Machinima.com, there has been a few places popping up to get and read about Machinima. Along with the top sources of Sims (Sims99) and The Movies (Lionhead) machinima (they should be nicked if not already, anybody heard something better than 'machinima made in The Movies' atleast Sims Machinima is smooth sounding). There's the new MachinimaHQ which is trying to focus more on quality machinima, from the site:
So, why? Why are we here? Not in the philosophical sense, I mean the site. Well, we just think that the Machinima community needs a really slick site to showcase the best there is. Like I said, I make the stuff myself (you'll probably find a few of my vids around the place) but there's very few good sites for it out there. And that's where we come in.
...and the new Warcraft Cinema for your WoW machinima fix.
WarcraftCinema.com is the revolutionary World of Warcraft movie site that is taking the WoW machinima community by storm. No longer do you need to spend hours downloading and keeping up with the latest in WoW machinima. Just load Warcraft Cinema when you have 10 minutes to spare, whether it be at work, school, home, or elsewhere. It's machinima, available when you want it and where you want it.
It'll be interesting to see how the proliferation of machinima content becomes a media beast that people try to take control of. Tons of it, owned by none and shared by all. Hense the importance of us hardcore machinima makers that like to do it all from scratch with our microbudgets... total ownership and control...if such a thing is the sweetest of things in this little 'industry'.

By the way, saw an episode of SpikeTV's Half Baked Video Games show. The producer at SpikeTV for that show must have been half baked when taking it on. Its pure shite. Take that budget and disperse amongst creators in the community for some custom content I say. You'll get much better work. I was thinking the other day, among the best machinima to surface so far in my opinion was around the Epic Make Something Unreal contest. Real groundbreaking stuff. Its amazing what can be done with a little motivation and reward. Half Baked is marketing dril trying to look hip to a Gamer market. Ugg.


  • At 11:53 PM, Blogger Booklad said…

    I'm afraid with recent changes of management at machinima.com, it's not going to be "machinima central" for long. I'm leaving and it looks like others are, too. But, that's probably good for the community because it allows ideas and films to be spread around more.

    Second Life seems to be making quite a move towards machinima. I think I'll be looking in that direction soon.



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