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Monday, March 27, 2006

Gaming News Issue 6

I was able to catch the latest episode of Gaming News (6) released by the machinina production engine known as Binary Picture Show. This is really a unique and fantastic series that I see up there with 'This Spartan Life' as really creative machinima. I'm also surprised about how leading edge the news stories are. Well done on the writing side! From the site.
This issue takes a look At the new addon for 'The Movies', "Tomb Raider: Ledgend", and other very cool stories of the week. In addition filesize in now down by half for a faster download time.
Your first challenge will be in finding the download links on the page. For some reason I always miss it thinking its a google ad. :) Auto Assault looks fantastic and I also cracked up at little audio insert on the section about The Movies. Nice work Doc.


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