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Thursday, March 23, 2006

GDC: Epic shows off Unreal tools

I'd much rather see a video then read about it, but heres a little article over at GameSpot on a Unreal Engine 3 demo at GDC. The main part for machinima makers is the part about Kismet near the bottom of the article. It really allows you to build some powerful technical structure into your level/sets/action in a visual way. Even Matinee is just an 'object' in kismet that you open up an interface for to set it up. So your trigger events, which are kismet objects lead into your matinee kismet object for activation. Kismet and Matinee are my main tools right now. But I like this part mentioned in the article that I have yet to explore/learn about, but really looking forward to:
Willard showed off a level whose appearance was easily altered using the engine's ability to link together multiple shader effects with an easy click-and-drag interface to combine lens filters with sepia tones and numerous others.
The thought of "lens filters' and 'sepia tones' is tres cool. These type of rendering effects will allow you to explore how you want your visuals to look. You will be able to create visual looks for your films in ways other than'that general gamey look'. This is definately next gen machinima filmmaking!


  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger Booklad said…

    Very, very cool article, 3d. I'm using paper towels right now to mop up the drool I've created while reading this article. My god! Thanks for the link.



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