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Monday, March 06, 2006

George Lucas Predicts Death of Big Budget Movies

Yanked from Slashdot:
"Before the red carpet had cooled at last night's Academy Awards, George Lucas told the New York Daily News that big-budget movies will soon be history. From the article: "'The market forces that exist today make it unrealistic to spend $200 million on a movie,' said Lucas, a near-billionaire from his feverishly franchised outer-space epics. 'Those movies can't make their money back anymore. Look at what happened with King Kong.'" Lucas' prediction: "In the future, almost everything that gets shown in theaters will be indie movies ... I predict that by 2025 the average movie will cost only $15 million.""
Cheaper films means cheaper production methods which means accessibility to tools that do more to the independent market. Maybe Machinima and serious filmmaking aren't so far off especially with the next gen of graphics. Then again, 15mil is no chump change either. It could simply mean iconic actors working for cheaper....yeah right. ;)

Check out the article here.


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