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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The New Force at Lucasfilm

Yanked from Slashdot.org:
"BusinessWeek has an interview with the heads of George Lucas' gaming and movie divisions, and discusses with them how they are getting closer and closer to integration. From the article: 'Pre-visualization, which is a big thing that George has been pushing lately. It's a tool that directors would use to quickly mock up the ideas of a story and see what's going to work. It's really like building up a preview of a movie in a video game world. Instead of using static story boards, you can really just get in and create 3D content and camera moves directly. It's the best example of the kind of collaboration we've got going on.'"
I think once they're ready to take the next steps with the combined technology and talent these guys may be the early workings of one of the most powerful machinima companies so far... unless of course you believe after a certain point, machinima fails to be machinima at all. The jury is still out on that for me.


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