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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Silver Bells and Golden Spurs - virtually made movie

If your interested in seeing the Second Life machinima premiered at SxSW (noted below), You can do so here. As found by Makezine.com:
This movie was made entirely in Second Life, and every object you see was made by a person, even the cameras are scriptable objects. There's a lot of machinima and DIY film making going on, so if you're interested with what's possible with this "tool" of sorts check it out.
Its not bad. The story definately drives it more than anything. Good camera work for inside a MMO. I just have a problem getting past the average looking characters, similar to what comes out with 'The Movies' and the Sims as well. They seem to try and emulate real life people too much. Everyone average height, build and equally animated.


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