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Friday, March 17, 2006

Tron's World

A great read on the making of one of my all time favourite films, TRON.
Ellenshaw took off to Hawaii to celebrate the good news to come. He expected his phone to ring any minute to tell him that Tron was a smash. But after sitting on the beach for a while, he just couldn't wait any longer. He jumped the gun and called the head of Disney, Dick Cook, to get the box office score. "Well Dick, how'd we do?"

Life, especially in Hollywood, is full of surprises. Tron would make a huge impact, indeed - just not the way Ellenshaw expected. The brainchild of writer / director Steve Lisberger, Tron had state-of-the-art special effects when it was released at the peak of the Atari age. The film was practically custom built for any young video game freak or computer geek at the time in 1982 - as well as decades afterward. Few could have predicted that Tron would have such an enduring effect on film, computers and video games. Indeed, the film's cult following is stronger than ever.
Get the complete inside story of the groundbreaking film and its legacy over at Tom's Hardware Guide.


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