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Monday, September 25, 2006

We have a pulse

Well, I was just about to spark up some Oblivion then came across one more thing worth sharing which made me realize I should post some of this stuff.

Lets see. We'll first off I'm happy to share that it looks like I'll be making it to the 2006 Machinima Film Festival this year (finally after 5 years). I am super happy and excited that I'll finally get to catch up with and meet some fellow machinima comrads. I'm actually going to be doing a presentation on making Mass Effect from the machinima perspective, so it will be tres cool showing off some kickass stuff. I'm also extremely honoured and proud to be a judge for this year's festival with the Virtual Acting and Cinematography categories. I can't wait to see the final selections and pin them face to face in a battle of surpremecy. I hope you crossed your T's and dotted your I's, 'cause I'll be a watchin'!!

Some quality releases have come out recently but I admit, I'm behind on my viewing/listening. On deck for this week I'll be catching up on Episodes 7-9 of Bloodspell, BorgWars Episodes 1 - 3, the new OverCast, The Fixer: Chapter III, and in 2 weeks, with great anticipation, Edge of Remorse! (I always love the hyper-release machinima schedule this time of year, usually tied to the festival, but plus other schtuff this year)

What little I have caught over the last week or so has been Male Restroom Etiquette by Overman, a great little Sims 2 piece that I see as a mix of Monty Python meets Mike Judge (thanks for taking us outside the 'Sims'box and WoW! 173,364 views on Youtube! Nice!), the latest Gaming News with Lady Mainframe, and this cool not-little non-interactive movie of BioShock (WOW!)

There's a few other news pieces worth noting but chances are people are already in the know.



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