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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oddworld Feature Film

Was checking out this article over at Gamasutra about the combined movie and game development happening over at Oddworld Inhabitants. It sparked my memory to this article on VFX back in 2004 (see page three of the article for the real machinima meat) where I made a mental note to keep an eye on these guys in relation to machinima. Even back then they spoke of 'the realtime CG technologies that will change gaming along with movies and TV'. Well it looks like they are following through.
The video game version of Citizen Siege, according to Lanning, will be simultaneously developed alongside the movie, reportedly utilizing the same collection of art assets.
I look forward to see how this comes out since the video game and movie are being developed from the same creative source, including content. Enough of this retrofitting each way. This type of development has a strong future in the new cinema.


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    Be sure to forward that news to the right people in the office ;)


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