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Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Machinima Collective

I've been under some heavy deadlines at work so a lot of interesting news tidbits have been passing by. I think most are aware of Gamasutra's and Renderosity's Machinima Filmfest coverage. Thank you to 'on the scene' news reported Ricky Grove for the pic and link on the Renderosity story.

The LA Times.com has posted a pretty good story on machinima related to the festival and pays particular attention to Phil Rice's story on his success with Male Restroom Etiquette and the
dilemma of not being able to take full advantage of its success because of copyright issues.

It's interesting how all these news outlets are reporting about the 'Oscar's like opening' with Ill Will's TrashTalk travels amongst the set of the nominee's. The funny thing is, that happened at the end of the festival. A good reminder of how the press isn't always as factual as we'd like to think.

Also in case anyone hasn't had the chance, make sure to drop by and read Machinima.com's article on WoW SouthPark episode. I think this is one of the best substance articles to come out of that site in a while! We rarely see good machinima based literature these days, and unfortunately we may be seeing even less.

Machinima film wise, the train is still rolling hard with Bloodspell 13 (one more to go!) and Gaming News #6. Also, if you haven't yet, check out 'The Snow Witch' by Britannica Dreams. This is one top quality Sims2 production. This is the heart of machinima, tell the story first.

Finally, we've released more Mass Effect footage if your curious how we're coming along. This is really worth the download. All the cinematics (such as the first 7 seconds or so) and the dialog shots were done by our group. Along those lines, I'm going to be revisiting the Cinematic Design job posting thats up since the scope of our positions is evolving. If you think your a top dog machinima creator that's ready to go pro, don't hesitate to send me a line. As you can see, we gots some kickass work on the go. And if Canada scares you, there's our sister company in LA.


  • At 10:33 AM, Blogger Booklad said…

    You are very welcome, Ken. Good idea collecting the coverage over the last few weeks. I thought the SouthPark article was awfully good as well. Appreciate the plug for "Snow Witch". I think it's remarkable. I hope we can encourage Michelle, Kheri and other female filmmakers to submit to the festival next year.

    The Mass Effect footage is pretty neat. Looking forward to seeing how that project turns out. I'm psyched.


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