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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday Night Machinima

Caught a few 'must see' machinima films tonight. Started off with number 7 of uber-series Gaming News by the Binary Picture Show crew. Now sponsored, I'm happy to see there hard work starting to pay off. I'd be interested to know if those 'EA' breaks were actually commercial or just time fillers (although I would have expected announcements toward this as well if they were commercial). This production is getting more and more pro all the time. Lady Mainframe still needs some polish in lipping words and natural movement, but at the end of the episode I found myself thinking that Lady Mainframe will be taking on real celebratory status in both the machinima and gaming circles as BPS continues to crank this stuff out and get more eyes.

The second film(s) I caught up on was episodes 12 and 13 of Bloodspell. The continuing sega of blood and magic. I was noticing, within myself, how the episodes are no longer about the look or engine used, its almost stylized now in its consistency and really about the story. Episode 13 was my favourite so far, the 'showdown' scene with music and action was extremely powerful (if you've followed the build-up for the last 12 episodes). It had such a hopeless efforts amongst overwhelming power.. feel to it, and again, the music really helped bring it home. Well done Strange Co.


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