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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grand Theft Machinima

The big machinima story going around right now is this CBS news report on Machinima (with real video!). The video clip is pretty good and features some notables such as April Hoffmann and Paul Marino as well as clips like Randall Glass's 'A Few Good G-Men' and the Abbot & Costello's 'Who's on First' clip done by FaceFX makers OC3 Entertainment. This is a great clip regarding this 'emerging online movement' called Mojomeeniema.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anachronox This

The very first 'Best Picture' awarded at the Machinima Film Festival in 2002 was to the film 'Anachronox'. This was basically a film which took all the cutscenes from the game and put them together into a cohesive story. For years this film was prepped to be release on DVD for purchase.

Well, almost 4 years later it is available, and best of all for freeee. You can now download the special edition DVD version of this historic film via torrent. If you do so, please help the providers by allowing your download to seed after its completed.

For information on the download, follow this thread over at machinima.com.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lady Mainframe Returns!

Pick up an email today. Your favour machinima newscaster is back!
Lady Mainframe returns! Yes, the new improved series of 'Gaming News' is finally here. Not only has Lady Mainframe herself received an update, but the show's format has been improved, now also including games chart information, and MORE news packed into one show.

The first issue reports on some of the Leipzig Games Confrence highlights as well as news of "Just Cause" and "Reservoir Dogs", among others, with a length of 8 minutes and available in hi and low res versions.
I haven't checked it out yet but I know it will be worth the download. GO!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Burnie Burns of Red Vs Blue talks Machinima

Pulled from Hexus Gaming.
We hooked up with Rooster Teeth, the guys behind the Machinima phenomenon that is Red Vs Blue and numerous other projects, where they showed us the reason why Machinima is embracing the games world and how they are exploiting the existing I.P. to create these short humourous animations.
Short, but worth a once over.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Electronic Arts Announces Multi-Title Unreal Engine 3 License

So Todd's comment below, even though I'm sure it was said jokingly, kind of nailed a thought for me. When I ran 3dfilmmaker more as a information hub a few years back the idea was to be more of an outlet to share the cool things I was finding online related to '3d filmmaking'. At some point, I think mostly with this current site revision it became more of a blog. I've never been a fan of running a blog previously because it is actually very time consuming to write (seemingly) intelligent or interesting stuff. And now, I've realized that this site has unintentional became a blog. So on that note I've decided to focus back more on just sharing the interesting things I'm coming across and less about my particular thoughts and comments on such. Obviously I'll have to see how this manages with my work on Mass Effect, but I can definitely see a few minutes of news reporting each day being a lot more obtainable than having to 'blog' about shite. So there ya have it.

So anyways, looks like EA has also licensed the Unreal Engine 3. I think this must almost be unprecedented in engine licensees, so may developers using this one particular tech stream. For machinima enthusiasts considering the gaming industry over the animation/film/tv side of things, getting to know UE3 once released will be a very smart thing as expertise in this engine for cutscenes and such will provide a lot of possibility to getting into the industry.

Stand up, Get up. Stand up for your Rights

Bloodspell censored by Leipzig Games Conference!
"Edinburgh-based machinima production team 'Strange Company' have refused to attend the Leipzig Games Conference in protest over the conference's insistence that their machinima feature film, BloodSpell, be censored before it gets shown. Artistic Director Hugh Hancock and First Assistant Director Johnnie Ingram have post posted quite angry responses on the company blog."
Wow. Some tasty machinima controversy! Yanked from BoingBoing (which includes said response) or go directly to the source.

***Update Aug22.2006
Bloodspell will be shown 'non-publicly'. Get further details here.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cool: Marvel Ultimate Alliance Cinematic

Blur Studio kicks ass again. Awesome CG cinematic.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Machinima is the Seattle of Media

So ya. Took a little intarweb vacation there. At least I think it was a vacation. Well not really. More of a time of reflection. Reflection on what I should be doing. Working on Mass Effect is a huge deal. There are so many cool things about it and I (and my team in association) have such a big piece of it with the cinematics that I figured I may be best in assuring it goes as smooth as possible with the highest possible care in creating a great product, as much as possible. So with that, I decided to focus myself full time on it.

I already do focus on Mass Effect 'full time' as in my day job, but I'm pushing it further to where I would normally work on other things in my spare time will now be re-routed to Mass Effect. So this includes shelving my machinima film in progress (that sucked big time) and giving this site a lower priority (which sucks as well as I hate seeing very cool things and not sharing them). But I'm sure things will change as they always do. With dropping the machinima film I was using the analogy of why kill myself over creating 'Clerks' when I'm already working on 'King Kong'... and I was happy with that, until one of the voice actors on my machinima project replied, "did clerks gross net more than king kong?" ..ahh good point, but I guess I'm thinking of the hands-on experience at this point.. yeah..

In a kind of related note, my trip to the Austin Game Conference for the machinima theatre has also turned into a presentation as well. I'll be doing a presentation on 'New Frontiers in Digital Acting' and will be focusing on the different areas and techniques we use with digital actors to make an immersive and believable story and game play environment. Looking forward to doing that.

So yeah, figured I should put something up rather than just leaving things hanging. We'll see what happens next.