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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Your Interactive fell into my Cinema! Mmmmm!

I think its time I come up for air to share some cool things. One interesting thing that has almost slipped by under the radar is based on the news from virtual world media company Millions of Us hiring Douglas Gayeton. The tidbit that is most interesting is his documentary film, “Molotov Alva: Video Diaries from My Second Life”, was the first machinima ever screened at the Cannes Film Festival and is the first piece of its kind to be acquired for distribution as a television series. You think as far as the machinima community is concerned this would have been far bigger news than a side note in a new hire press release.

Video of My SecondLife by Douglas Gayeton

Along the lines of my main focus right now, interactive machinima, I recently came across this example. It mixes Half Life 2 and flash into a very avant garde piece made and shot in Gmod. Explore the Shanghai Gallery.

Finally, as I focus on polishing up Mass Effect with the other cinematic designers for its release in November (nice to be able to actually say that now) the cinematic design team has been working hard in getting our kick ass conversations and cutscenes together. The interactive narrative we've pulled off for this game is nothing short of amazing, and we are happy to see other people in agreement with us since our showing last week at E3. Microsoft showed off one of our cool trailers at the event.

Mass Effect E3 tralier

But best of all, totally unexpected by us, one of the conversations shown behind closed doors made it out to the web. This conversation was done by my co-worker Armando Troisi, and as far as machinima goes, its a powerful representation of the level of interactive storytelling that will be in Mass Effect. This is pure real time interactive game footage (and one of the best machinima pieces out there right now in my obviously biased opinion).

Mass Effect Interactive Conversation

Cool stuff. Finally, if your going by a magazine stand, make sure to stop and check out the article and picture in EGM (electronic gaming monthly) of Chris Burke, of 'This Spartan Life' fame. He is profiled as a machinima director. It was very cool coming across this while flipping through the rag. I was a big fanboy of Chris at last year's machinima film fest.


  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Reuben said…

    Hey -- thanks for noticing. Douglas rocks -- look for some fine films from Millions of Us and Molotov in the months to come.

    Reuben Steiger


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