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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Machinima PreHack Generation

Continuing along with the Bloodspell PR freight train, Episode 6 was released today. This was a great episode for me. Two things I have come to realize. One is I think Bloodspell has the best looking women in machinima film so far. Not specifically on body makeup but mainly the face and hair of the female characters. Secondly, I often see these great shots that almost give a glimpse of a whole 'nother visual style to the movie. Almost like a 2d cell shaded look within a 3d environment. Specifically the crane down at 00:35 and the medium shot at 4:32. I think it has to do with the simplicity of the foreground against the detailed resolution of the background. Also, with the episode its worth mentioning the great audio cameo by the director... which I didn't realize until afterwards in reading the credits and had to go back and give a few more listens. It looks like we have the whole Rice family in the series too. ;)

This episode also brought some interesting conversation within the Cinematic Design team here at BioWare as some of the senior guys explained the technical challenges behind this type of 'filmmaking' compared to newer guys that can't even conceive of not having a camera system. There is differently a 'generation gap' already between old skool and new school ingame cinematics development (maybe there is a definition of a new machinima generation - posthack and prehack). This is something some will never fully understand about Bloodspell (and its not the point, the storytelling is) but this type of machinima is really getting your bacon from gutting the pig...so to speak.

And to enhance the curiosity of any boarder line visitors on whether to watch this episode or not, as another co-worker catching the episode over my shoulder said, "Is that ass crack in Neverwinter I see?"

Also, I mentioned the intriguing article written by Hugh yesterday on the PR of Bloodspell. The article is worth a revisit for the comment discussion continuing after.

Finally, as a side note, some of the footage of Mass Effect that was shown to the media at E3 this year has just been released on Xbox Marketplace. I'm sure an Internet download is not too far behind. Unfortunately any of the work I did was cut, but hey, thems the edits. I'll post direct links once I come across them. This is at least a glimpse into the visual quality we're working with.


  • At 4:10 AM, Blogger Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said…

    Johnnie's apparently been fiddling around with an NWN module recently.

    I think we now have a title for him.

    "Ass-crack in Neverwinter".


    Glad you liked the episode so much! Between the nudity and the change in tone, I was quite worried about it - I'm *very* pleased everyone likes it so much.


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